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Immigrants are over-educated for their jobs

Have you ever heard of those people who hold Master Degrees but are workers in a factory? Maybe you are one of them? Unfortunately, this situation is not an exemption. ONS made a study in 2016 about the international immigration and the labor market. The conclusion from a part of it is that  more than 1 in 3 immigrants are over-educated for their jobs. 


In other words, there is a huge lack of adaptation to UK. Immigrants don’t understand how the British employment system functions. Most of them don’t even know their rights.

Are you one of the immigrants that are over-educated?

If yes, you can start by understanding the work environment. On the link, you will find a lesson about useful HR terms. It’s a must to know them before working into a professional environment. Also, part of the same course, you will find ways to apply for a job, depending on your circumstances. And you have the chance to brush up what you know about your working rights in UK.

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  1. it is very sad that immigrants think that education in a different country is worth nothing. even if you cant speak very well the language of the country you live in, you have a big chance to understand the culture, correct the wrong work ethics and be received with a friendly attitude by the british people.

    Whoever has a degree and works in a factory doesn’t know that uk has much more to offer. it is true, there is a lot of competition on the market, but the education degree and your previous work experience gives you the skills and the experience necessary for a better job. even though your education degree is in a third world country.

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