Differences between Europass CV and British CV – EU CV

Differences between Europass CV and British CV

Before Brexit and even after that, many Europeans were trying to get a suitable job in UK, by applying with an Europass CV. After all, EU created the Europass CV template, UK was in EU, so it made sense, isn’t it? Not really, no. The difference between Europass CV and British CV is so great than it will greatly affect your chances of being invited to a job interview.

Disclosure of protected characteristics

The most important reason for which an Europass CV will get you an automatic decline is the disclosure of protected characteristics. No British employer or recruiter wants to be sued for discrimination. It can cost them a lot of money and damage their reputation. The aim of any recruiter in this country is to hire the most skilled person for the job. Disclosing your age, gender or nationality right from the CV, it’s like shouting “you should hire me for my characteristics, not my abilities!”. On top of this, disclosing so much information in your CV puts you at risk of identity theft.

On the other hand, a British CV only discloses your name and contact details. It serves the purpose of getting in touch with you and that’s more than enough for any employer.

The way you present your work experience

In the Europass CV, job-seekers are encouraged to write exactly what were their duties at the previous jobs. For example, they might write “selling medical equipment”. This approach is fair, but not exactly suitable for the ideal attitude of a British employee.

What a recruiter wants is someone very passionate about the advertised job, someone willing to go the extra mile for the company. They want to see this delight straight from the CV. How can you achieve it? By writing about achievements instead of duties. To use the same example from above, a better phrase would be “Sold 10% more medical equipment than my target”. Can you see the difference in attitude towards work?

How easy is to read it

Usually, recruiters receive lots of CVs and try to pick the best candidate as fast as possible. In order to save time, they now have automatic systems that select the CVs based on specific criteria. But, most of the time, the end result is still having to read lots of pages. For you, as candidate, this means that you have to attract their attention very quick.

With the Europass CV, the recruiter will have to read at least through your whole work experience in order to see if you’d be suitable or not. Plus, you let them guess what achievements you could have had. However, the British CV has two sections on the first page, called “Summary” and “Achievements”. In “Summary”, you have 2-3 lines to explain what you’re looking for, why you want that job and how the company will benefit. in “Achievements” section, you can list 3-4 most important achievements from your career, relevant to the new job. This is very efficient for both you and the employer.

How adapted you already are to UK

No one wants to the chance of hiring someone completely different to anyone in the company. Regardless of how good you are in your field, if you don’t have any common ground with anyone at work, it will be very hard to produce results. So, convince the employers that you can easily blend in, by giving up your Europass CV and creating a British one instead.

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